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Comprehensive Test Preparation Program for the EPPP and the CPLEE

“We make it simple and more certain for candidates to pass their licensure exam. In fact, over 94% of Taylor Study Method EPPP members and 100% of TSM CPLEE members pass on their first attempt.”

- Dr. Graham Taylor, Taylor Study Method Founder

Taylor Study Method is your complete solution for EPPP and CPLEE test preparation.

As a result of literally thousands of hours of content research, development, and synthesis, Taylor Study Method can assure you that you will be presented - in the most optimized manner possible - with the content you will need to pass your licensure exam.

Taylor Study Method is a cohesive team of experienced and recognized psychologists, talented writers and the very best technical experts who work tirelessly to provide you with the most relevant and complete resource for EPPP test Preparation available. We are driven to assure your success in this cornerstone test leading to your professional licensure.

TSM’s team of professionals has been refining our EPPP test preparation program for over 16 years, using technologically advanced learning modalities, integrating multiple, proven methods of learning and memory, developing written, audio, and video learning tools and insuring that we deliver the most current and relevant EPPP content.

We are EXPERIENCED. We are PROVEN. We are DEDICATED. We are Taylor Study Method. YOUR success is our ONLY focus...and it shows. We have a 94% first time pass rate. TSM members who have failed with other EPPP systems score on average 110 points higher on their EPPP using TSM.

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TSM’s content was developed and refined over the past 16 years by a team of over 40 professionals. We can guarantee that our content is both professional and relevant to your EPPP requirements. The team includes Dr. Roberta Nutt, a past ASPPB director, and Dr. Stephen Hinshaw, department chair, U.C. Berkeley’s Psychology department, as well as many other recognized experts in their field of psychology.

Our content includes nearly 800 key terms, each with its own narrative definition, mind map, professionally written Flashcard (which, by the way, is fully editable so you can customize it any way you would like to), reasonable alternatives (meant to warn you about potential “wrong answer choices”), audio feature (providing enhanced learning opportunities), and video (some of our more difficult content areas have a video feature to offer further explanation as well as application of the concept being taught).

Our content is customized for your specific strengths and weaknesses and presented in 160, 1-hour study sessions. At the end of each study session, you will be tested on the related content and provided with learning-reinforcing rationales.

The results prove our content is just what the doctor ordered! On the actual EPPP, not only do our members experience a 94% first time pass rate, but on average, score within 4 points of their TSM practice exams. TSM members who had failed with other EPPP systems, scored, on average, 110 points higher on their EPPP using TSM. We invite you to become a TSM member today.

The California Psychology Laws and Ethics Examination (CPLEE) is developed and maintained by the California Office of Professional Examinations Services (OPES) of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Applicants can take the CPLEE once they have finished a qualifying doctorate degree, completed all 3,000 hours of qualifying supervised professional experience and have passed the EPPP. Those applicants that meet one of the requirements listed in Section 1388.6 of the CCR will also qualify to take the CPLEE. More information on the CPLEE can be found on the board's web site www.psychology.ca.gov.

The CPLEE is administered at Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI) testing sites throughout California and a few locations outside of California. If you are interested in finding out where test centers are in your area, please call or email TSM today at
1-877-510-5445 or contactus@taylorstudymethod.com.

The CPLEE is a computer administered examination that consists of a total of 100 multiple-choice questions in laws and ethics. Each form of the CPLEE will consist of 75 scored and 25 non-scored questions. Candidates will have 2.5 hours to complete the examination. The passing score is determined for each form of the examination by the California Office of Professional Examinations Services of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

The CPLEE examination covers, in depth, nine different content areas that a licensed psychologist in California is expected to be adept:

  1. Confidentiality and Privilege (14%)
  2. Psychotherapeutic Relationships (15%)
  3. Interpersonal Relationships (14%)
  4. Intervention, Evaluation and Assessments (14%)
  5. Records (11%)
  6. Administrative Issues (5%)
  7. Professional Issues (15%)
  8. Scientific Research and Publication (4%)
  9. Teaching, Training and Supervision (8%)

For more information about these topic issues, and to see a breakdown of how the content is weighted on the exam, visit our CPLEE Exam Content page.