Hushmail for Healthcare is used daily in the behavioural health community by many solo practitioners, as well as larger practices. Our service is used to securely and confidently communicate with clients and support their HIPAA compliance. Be it discussing the need for therapy with a potential client, scheduling an appointment, providing a counselling session, or handling intake forms or transfer forms, you can rely on Hushmail for Healthcare to support your work.

About Hushmail

Hushmail is a secure email service that lets you send and receive private, encrypted emails and attachments to and from anyone, even people who don’t use Hushmail. With easy-to-use webmail and an iPhone app, there’s no complicated installation process. Just sign up and start sending securely.

Hushmail supports your HIPAA compliance

Hushmail for Healthcare helps you achieve HIPAA compliance by allowing you to encrypt emails containing personal health information. It automatically creates a separate archive account that keeps a record of all emails sent or received by all users in your domain, which is essential in case of an audit. Plus, it includes the required Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliance.

Hushmail for Healthcare also includes secure forms, which provide your clients with an easy and accessible way to initiate contact with you securely.

Hushmail security

Since privacy is our top priority, Hushmail is designed with multiple layers of security. Hushmail supports two-step verification, to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Our enhanced filters block viruses and spam so you don’t have to sift through unwanted messages, and easy-to-use on-demand encryption makes it easy to safely send email and attachments.

Special offer for Smart Practitioner members

As a Smart Practitioner member, you receive 2 months free when you pay annually. To claim this offer, sign up for Hushmail for Healthcare using the link below and then contact us and let us know you are a Smart Practitioner member.