Intern Membership

Smart Practitioner is designed to be your one-stop shop for career services in the field of behavioral health. With premium services, up-to-date news and information about the field, and access to exclusive discounts to unique products and tools to help you at every stage of your career, we are here to be a partner in navigating your career journey.

Behavioral health interns can enjoy six webinars, eight guides on topics directly relevant to life and experience as an intern, important news, and exclusive discounts on continuing education courses, clinical hours tracking software, and licensing exam preparation.

Smart Practitioner offers a variety of educational and career-focused tools and benefits for those who have graduated and are now working as an Intern in the field of behavioral health. Take advantage of all the Intern membership benefits, for just $60. Build your experience and prepare for your career in behavioral health with Smart Practitioner.

An Intern membership for Smart Practitioner is just $60 per year, billing annually. A value of $580! Anyone with a degree in behavioral health currently in an internship program is welcome to enroll.

Intern Benefits

Instructional Webinars
Attend instructional webinars hosted by Smart Practitioner and affiliates focused on topics relevant to Interns of behavioral health.
Informational Guides
Learn from informative guides designed to instruct and assist behavioral health interns with topics critical to your field.
Relevant News
Get relevant and up-to-the-minute news on topics and subjects focused on mental health interns.
Continuing Education
Save on continuing education credits with exclusive discounts for intern members.
Hours Tracking Software
Stay on track of your intern hours with software designed to make it easy to manage and summarize your earned hours.
Licensing Exam Prep
Receive exclusive discounts to licensing exam preparation materials from top ranking exam prep companies.

Intern Membership

per year