What I Wish I’d Known About Getting Licensed

When I was a little girl, I decided I wanted to “become a psychologist.” I didn’t know a thing about the different licensures available, or even that one needed to be licensed to counsel people. I just knew I needed to help people. Even applying and being accepted into graduate school was kind of a whirlwind. It is shocking to me in retrospect how little information I had.

What I Wish I Knew About Working and Getting Paid as a Therapist

I’ve talked to hundreds (if not thousands) of therapists from all around the world. Almost of them LOVE their job (“job” meaning actually sitting down to do psychotherapy with clients). However, quite a few are really unhappy with their job or financial situation.

Top Advice for 2017 from Therapists

Sometimes it is hard to know what is working and what is most important when starting a private practice, or when trying to figure out how to get clients calling when you are in private practice. We asked some of the alumni of our Business School Bootcamp for Therapists what some of their pieces of advice are about building a private practice today. If you are looking for more support and guidance- check out our free monthly trainings here and join us for the 6 week Private Practice Challenge!

3 Myths That Are Making You a LESS Effective Helping Professional

In my everyday interactions with helping professionals, I’ve come across a pattern of behavior and a specific mindset that holds so many of us back. This configuration of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings is so common in my experience, that I’ve decided to give it a name: “Sacrificial Helping Syndrome.”

How to Make 2017 Better Than 2016

2016 was a hard year for many people for many different reasons. In the world, there were huge conflicts and divisive messages. There was so much tragedy and loss. It can feel like our lives (and our focus) have been overwhelmed with what’s happening “out there” in the world, leaving us with unmet goals and dreams.

Expand Systems of Care in California: Proficiency in New Provider Competencies will be Expected

No state has embraced Obamacare more successfully than California. In response to national efforts to repeal and replace the ACA, California legislators and policy makers have definitively confirmed the state’s commitment to protect our progress. As such, expanded structures of care will continue to evolve and behavioral health will remain a part of these comprehensive systems.

5 Ways We Can Strengthen Our Profession

As therapists, we’re big-hearted professionals who chose this career to help people, to give of ourselves and give back to the community. But we often don’t think about how we can sustain that giving, especially when we’re faced with all of the challenges unique to our field.

We Need to Practice What We Preach

Imagine a woman slouching on your therapy couch with exhaustion just rolling off of her. She talks about 6 or 7-day work weeks, toiling away late into the evening with little or no down time. She’s slightly overweight and her complexion is sallow. She fantasizes about sleep. She says she loves her work, but is worried she doesn’t have the energy to keep doing it……